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  March 2009
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Housing policy seen as important aspect of Angolan development

A statement by the Angolan minister of urbanisation and housing, Diankumpuna Sita Jose, at the opening of the development forum, 'Path for Angola's Development', in Luanda in November 2008, indicated that the Angolan government considered its housing policy as an important component of the country's social and economic development.

With this policy, the government is seeking to create opportunities for the establishment of mutually advantageous partnerships between the public and private sectors.

According to Sita Jose, the most recent studies on the country's demographic evolution forecast the emergence, in the period 2008 to 2012, of more than one million new families distributed between both urban and rural areas. This would create an urgent need for new housing.

About six million people are estimated to be living in Luanda which, the minister said, means a concentration of about one-third of the Angolan population in the capital city. In the view of the government, this trend should be discouraged. The minister said that 80% of the urban population lived in compounds considered as precarious or in informal settlements, a trend that would continue unless measures were taken to reverse the situation.

The minister pointed out that the Ministry of Urbanisation and Housing had started the implementation of its Integrated Programme on Constitution and Urbanisation of Municipal Land Reserves in 2008, with an emphasis on the promotion of housing programmes of social interest. Sita Jose added that of the 100 000 hectares identified at national level, only about 32 800 would cover the urban goals for the 2008/20012 period. The minister also stated that funding of about Akz 60 billion (approximately US$ 798 million) had been allocated to the housing programme from the state budget for 2009, and the process to respond to the needs of about 390 000 inhabitants would therefore be set in motion.

The 'Path for Angola's Development' forum comprises three panels focusing on a range of topics, including housing credit, financing of public/private partnerships, housing tax, and challenges of housing promotion.

(Source:, 1 December 2008)