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  August 2009
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  Training for Township Renewal Initiative: Transforming South Africa's townships into functional and sustainable neighbourhoods
  Study of state land bank in Bogota, Colombia provides lessons for governments in poorer cities
  New website aims to improve livelihoods of urban working poor
  Urban LandMark presence at SAPOA convention improves programme's exposure
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In the news

Selling a house now takes 21 weeks
The First National Bank residential property barometer for the second quarter shows that it now takes a record 21 weeks and a day to sell a house, compared to 17 weeks in the first quarter. Read an article on this topic.

Thousands left homeless after evictions in Angola
SOS Habitat, a non-governmental organisation, says more than 15 000 people have been made homeless in the recent forced evictions on the southern peripheries of the capital Luanda, in a string of land clearances to make way for gated condominiums and shopping centres. Read the full article.

Why Cape legal twist looks like a demolition of justice for poor
by Jackie Dugard and Kate Tissington
The City of Cape Town recently terminated all its contracts with the law firm Smith Tabata Buchanan Boyes, which had been representing backyard shack-dwellers in a case against the city in the Western Cape High Court. Jackie Dugard and Kate Tissington of the Centre for Applied Legal Studies at Wits University argue that, if reproduced in other municipalities, this would be a devastating blow to pro-poor litigation. Read the full article.

Nothing 'secret' about land transfers in Western Cape
by Whitey Jacobs
Responding to recent statements by Western Cape premier Helen Zille, Whitey Jacobs, a former housing MEC and currently ANC spokesman on human settlements in the Western Cape legislature, argues that there is nothing secret about the N2 Gateway Project in Cape Town. Read the full article.

Housing market tells two tales
Elma Kloppers of Sake24 reports that the picture looks rosier for those homeowners that are not under financial pressure to sell, than for those in the market that are reliant on volumes.

Reflections on an inner-city dilemma
With Johannesburg's Rea Vaya bus rapid transit (BRT) service scheduled to kick off in August, Michael Bleby asks if city authorities have a handle on just what the city is and how to make the most of it.