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  March 2010
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  New small-scale rental strategy promises to improve supply of affordable housing
  Shopping centres in township areas: Blessing or curse?
  Street trading in Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality: realities and challenges
  The potential of informal land markets to reduce urban poverty
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Shopping centres in township areas: Blessing or curse?

Public opinion on the development of shopping malls in township areas seems to be divided. Some believe that these retail centres provide locals with a wider range of goods at a lower price, and play an important catalytic role in stimulating nodal development in the townships. Others feel that these centres undermine the survival and growth of local small enterprises.

An article by Robert McGaffin outlines some of the preliminary findings of a study commissioned by Urban Landmark to investigate the impact of these centres in township areas. The research is expected to be completed by June 2010.

Also read an article published in several Gauteng newspapers in February 2010.