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In the news

Affordable housing: Raising the roof
To cater for soaring demand, government and the private sector will need to build 600000 new affordable housing units. Though it provides accommodation to the majority of South Africans, affordable housing is still the least understood and most underserviced sector in the property market. Read the article [76KB]

Easy access to up-to-date information on gender and land rights
Disparity on land access is one of the major causes for social and gender inequalities in rural areas, and it jeopardizes, as a consequence, rural food security as well as the wellbeing of individuals and families. The Gender and Land Rights database, hosted by the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, contains country-level information on social, economic, political and cultural issues related to the gender inequalities embedded in those rights.

Urban migration drives surge in world's slum dwellers
A third of the urban population in developing regions lives in slums, according to U.N. Habitat, the United Nations department that focuses on urban development. How to handle these makeshift settlements -- which often are overcrowded, lack adequate water supply and sanitation and whose residents' land rights are usually insecure -- is a challenge facing cities around the world. Read the article

Uganda's urban poor on the rise
Uganda's overall poverty level has dropped by five per cent but rising income inequalities in urban centres has raised new concerns. The World Bank blames the surge on increased rural-urban migration and narrow access to economic opportunities, and is now calling for new interventions to combat income inequalities in urban centres. Read the article [73KB]

Africa warned of 'slum' cities danger as its population passes one billion
Africa has joined India and China as the third region of the world to reach a population of 1 billion people, and it is expected to double its numbers by 2050, the UN says. By then, there will be three times as many people living in Africa's cities, and the continent that had fewer than 500,000 urban dwellers in 1950 may have 1.3 billion. Read the article [24KB]