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  April 2011
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  Gauging Urban LandMark's impact over the last five years
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Home » April 2011 » Gauging Urban LandMark's impact over the last five years

Urban LandMark's incremental tenure approach


Historically, government's response to informal settlements has largely focused on replacement or eradication. Until recently, the favoured mechanism for achieving this was via the introduction of subsidy-driven housing delivery. The broad thinking was centred around a vision that informality should be replaced with fully-fledged township establishment processes and the delivery of full ownership title.

However, the significant time-lag between the formation of informal settlements and the implementation of formal upgrading has always posed a major problem.

Urban LandMark holds the view that full upgrading ought to be complemented by alternative initiatives that result in the continuous upgrading of land rights and urban services. Our initiatives in this area of work therefore aimed to develop officially recognised mechanisms to register rights locally and provide evidence to rights holders that can be used to defend claims to productive and residential land use, and for transferability of land and housing.

This approach places greater emphasis on mechanisms that secure collective rights rather than individual rights, at least in the short to medium term, until full individual rights can be granted.

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