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  April 2011
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  Gauging Urban LandMark's impact over the last five years
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Home » April 2011 » Gauging Urban LandMark's impact over the last five years

Urban LandMark's incremental tenure approach

Projects and activities forming part of our incremental tenure programme

  • Support to the National Upgrading Support Programme (NUSP) - designed to assist the national Department of Human Settlements in its implementation of the Upgrading Informal Settlements Programme (UISP). The objective of the UISP is to eventually upgrade all informal settlements in the country.

  • Support to the City of Johannesburg in its programme to recognise, formalise and upgrade informal settlements using an incremental tenure approach.

  • A scoping study, Local Land Registration Practices in South Africa, aimed at informing our work on securing and managing land rights in informal settlement upgrading processes.

  • Development of the LANDfirst concept, together with Afesis-corplan, which emphasises the provision of planned secure land with basic services as a first step towards a longer-term housing and settlement upgrading process. This differs from many current programmes that focus on the immediate provision of a 'full-house' solution.

  • Together with the Social Housing Foundation, we developed a greater understanding of the small-scale rental market - one of the most successful and efficient housing delivery systems in South Africa, which offers rapid delivery at little cost to the state. Small-scale rental also reduces the burden on transport infrastructure by increasing population density, encourages private sector activities, and the growth of capital in housing areas.

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