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What else are we working on?

Western Cape land release cost-benefit model

In co-operation with the Western Cape Department of Human Settlements and the City of Cape Town, Urban LandMark in 2009/2010 commissioned Eighty20 and Palmer Development Group (PDG) to develop an approach to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of public land release programmes, and to apply this to two case studies in the Western Cape. A financial cost-benefit analysis (CBA) model was developed and used to assess the cost-effectiveness of the two case studies from the state, developer and household perspectives.

Urban LandMark is now using this CBA model to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of two large Gauteng-based public land release projects, also from the state, developer and household perspectives.

Further objectives of the project are to

  • identify any shortcomings associated with the model, including the assumptions used and the model's structure and user-interface
  • gain specific, practical insights as to how the model can be improved from a content, functionality and user-interface point of view
  • build on the existing database of key inputs into the model
  • compare the findings of the Western Cape case studies with the findings of the Gauteng case studies.

WATCH THIS SPACE - Urban LandMark will present the findings of these case studies in June 2011.