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What else are we working on?

Urban Landmark/ World Bank project on a Land Governance Assessment Framework for South Africa

The World Bank is undertaking an in-depth review of land governance and land policy in South Africa and has requested Urban LandMark to manage and guide this process.

The work consists of the implementation of a Land Governance Assessment Framework (LGAF) in South Africa - a tool designed by the World Bank in collaboration with partners to help countries assess their policies and practices regarding land governance, setting a benchmark for comparison and monitoring of progress.

It comprises a set of 80 detailed Land Governance Indicators which are ranked on a scale of pre-coded statements - from the degree of good governance to best practice. The LGAF addresses the need for guidance to diagnose and benchmark land governance, helping countries prioritise reforms, and monitor progress over time.

It focuses on five broad thematic areas that have been identified as major areas for policy intervention in the land sector - the legal framework, land-use planning, public land management, the availability of land-related information, and dispute resolution mechanisms. In addition, the South African LGAF is complemented by a module on large-scale land acquisition.

The mechanism we have employed in this project is to engage a country co-ordinator and a number of independent domain experts in the LGAF process, as well as involving local land-related organisations to promote a public feedback process.

We envisage the end-result of this project being the availability of an objective diagnostic that can lay the basis for better informed land governance and land policy in South Africa.