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Cape Town launch of the Affordable Land & Housing Data Centre

The Affordable Land and Housing Data Centre (al+hdc) had its Cape Town launch on the morning of 7 June 2011. During the event, the background to the Centre was explained, a demonstration of accessing the site's data was given, and some of its initial research findings were presented.

The al+hdc aims to provide a better understanding of the dynamics of the low-income and affordable land and housing market in South Africa by encouraging researchers, students and professionals to explore property transactions at suburb level. Drawing deeds data from the South African deeds registry and survey data from StatsSA and other sources, the al+hdc provides information on all suburbs in South Africa where the average property price is less than R500 000 - giving insight into the purchase price, the type of buyer and seller, and the level of mortgage finance in this segment of the market. Consolidated analysis includes trends, levels of churn in different areas and the average value of properties.

Since the initiative started in November 2010, the database has been updated three times, and indicators have been developed so that activity within the affordable property market can be better monitored.

Download the June 2011 issue of the al+hdc newsletter, which provides quarterly data on the performance of the affordable property market.

The al+hdc is a joint initiative of FinMark Trust and Urban LandMark, with support from Lightstone Property Services and Eighty20.