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Developing Tools for Township Transformation: Knowledge Products Launch Workshop

Urban LandMark's report on the development of formal retail centres in township areas will be launched formally on 26 July 2011, in a joint event with South African Cities Network and the Neighbourhood Development Programme - all partners in the Training for Township Renewal Initiative (TTRI) together with national Treasury, the Department of Corporative Governance and Traditional Affairs and the Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA).

The product launch and workshop event will further disseminate and discuss a set of case studies developed by the Neighbourhood Development Programme, which is also financially supported by Urban LandMark, amongst other partners.

The aim of the event is to to create awareness of the issues raised in the case studies, by sharing and analysing the relevant research contributions and findings, and to stimulate engagement and uptake of the products with the relevant communities.

Urban LandMark's booklet titled Taking Stock: The Development of Formal Retail Centres in Township Areas and Their Impact on Local Consumers, Local Enterprises and the Local Economy, is based on research undertaken by Demacon Market Studies on behalf of Urban LandMark to determine the nature and impact of shopping mall developments in South Africa's township areas, and explore ways in which the positive impact of these centres can be maximised and the negative impacts minimised.

The aim of the study was to assist in the development of effective leverage mechanisms to improve the role of commercial markets in townships, and help developers and investors to refine their approaches to servicing consumer demands in these areas. More broadly, through an improved understanding of the retail dynamics of the townships, the report aims to assist township development practitioners to formulate appropriate solutions to the challenges that face townships in terms of regeneration and development, and residents in terms of access to economic opportunity.

The Training for Township Renewal Initiative was conceived in 2007 and aims to promote, encourage and support township development and renewal by developing the capabilities of township practitioners. In 2009, the TTRI produced its first Township Renewal Sourcebook, as well as a set of case studies seeking to share stories and lessons from practice. The positive response to these case studies led TTRI partners to further invest in developing more case studies on themes relevant for township development practitioners, determined through a combination of TTRI community feedback received through course evaluations and opportunities presented through complementary initiatives.

The following case studies, looking at creative ways to unlock both public and private sector investment for township economic development and renewal, which in turn contribute to South Africa's macro-economic performance and improve quality of life among the citizens of its neglected neighbourhoods, were produced in 2010/2011 and will be showcased at the launch.

Case Study Topic Description
Operation, Management and Maintenance: Khayelitsha Business District Documenting the experiences and arrangements for operations and management of the KBD node in Cape Town, and the lessons emanating about urban management for township precinct developments.
Partnerships for Development: Bakubung-Ba-Ratheo and Wesizwe Platinum Documents the story of an innovative mining partnership between the Bakubung and Wesizwe, a junior mining company. The study focuses on the partnership process, its achievements and challenges.
Taking Stock: The Development of Formal Shopping Malls in Township Areas - Their Impact on Local Consumers, Local Enterprises and the Local Economy A case study based on research undertaken by Demacon Market Studies and commissioned by Urban LandMark to examine the nature and dynamics of retail-led development in South Africa's township areas. Several township cases were included in the study, and a large multi-stakeholder colloquium was held subsequent to the study. The overall study findings are being published by Urban LandMark and will be launched at this event.
Value Capture of Transport Interchanges A case study based on research undertaken by ADEC and commissioned by Urban LandMark, which explores the concept of land value creation, measurement and capture around public transport infrastructure developments. Several township cases were included in the study, and further work is under way about this relatively novel area.
Approaches to Small Town Regeneration Presents stories from three different NDP municipalities that are engaged in development planning in small-town contexts.
Township Regeneration Strategy Shares an emerging concept of "Township Development Strategy" as an approach or instrument for municipal township development planning. Three municipal case studies are assessed.
Social Accountability and Monitoring for Municipal Programmes A case study based on ongoing work of IDASA on social accountability. Reports on a Citizen Report Cards initiative carried out in South African municipalities, as well as regional case lessons from the Affiliated Network for Social Accountability (ANSA-Africa) about accountability in local government.

For more information about the launch, which will take place in Johannesburg, please contact us on