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  July 2011
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In the news

Thoughts on property ownership vs. rental in the UK and the USA
Thatcher's dream becomes a nightmare for a jilted generation [122KB]
Renting: Living the American dream

Economic code to promote property investment in rural areas
The Property Charter seeks to promote development and investment in rural areas through a new economic development code. The Charter will provide a statement of commitment from all of the key role players in the sector to a growth strategy based on empowering a broad group of previously disadvantaged South Africans. Read the article [260KB]

What is incrementalism? Community-managed utilities in an informal settlement in Nairobi
The divide between the "informal" and "formal" is commonly understood as that between risk and a sure thing. But the story of Kosovo informal settlement in Nairobi, Kenya, shows that neither side of the divide can bridge the gap working alone. Read the article [369KB]

Report identifies significant signs of inner-city renewal in Johannesburg
The Johannesburg CBD, Braamfontein and Newtown nodes have been undergoing a huge transformation. The nodes are very good in terms of accessibility with regards to highways, rail and bus transport, with major users including mining houses, banks, provincial government and trade unions. Read the article [267KB]

Zimbabwe - Beating the housing blues
A group of female cross-border traders in Bulawayo have formed a savings co-operative where they first buy each other plots of land and will eventually build each other's houses. Read the article [261KB]