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Update on progress with Tenure Security Facility Southern Africa 2012 programme funded by the Cities Alliance

Previous issues of our newsletter (April 2011 and February 2012) detailed Urban LandMark's work on the Cities Alliance-funded Tenure Security Facility Southern Africa 2012 programme. The programme aims to provide specialist tenure technical assistance and advisory services to slum upgrading initiatives in the region. The work also aims to contribute to improved access to land for poorer people, which in turn contributes to improved livelihoods, active citizenship and wealth creation.

The Tenure Security Facility extends and expands on work Urban LandMark has undertaken over the past four years. This work is already making a significant impact in changing the profile of the need for incremental tenure in the slum-upgrading process and thinking around how this should occur.

The first in a series of engagements feeding into the Tenure Security Facility Southern Africa 2012 programme took place in November 2011, when Urban LandMark hosted a learning event comparing findings of how the poor access, hold and trade land from 'operation of the land market' studies in Maputo, Luanda and our three-city South Africa study of some years ago.

During 2012, programme activities have focused mainly on city selection for two additional studies into the operation of the land market, partnership building and survey methodology.

"In July 2012 we convened a project inception meeting with the members of the project Steering Committee (Cities Alliance, Shack/Slum Dwellers International and the South African National Department of Human Settlements)", says project manager Lauren Royston.

"We also held a workshop on the operation of the market survey instrument which has now been used in three cities in South Africa, and adapted for use in Maputo and Luanda." Regarding the two 'operation of the market' studies scheduled for 2012, the project team has finalised the selection of Lilongwe in Malawi for the first study, and Tete in Mozambique for the second study.

"The Tenure Security Facility project is well positioned to deepen the practical application of a continuum of tenure security, and we look forward to being able to contribute lessons from the work to the debates and practice via Cities Alliance, our primary funder on the project, and the Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) of which Urban LandMark recently became a partner, in 2013", says Lauren.