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In the news

Cape Town launches its biggest housing project
The City of Cape Town on Thursday launched its biggest housing project to date - On The Vlei (Market Housing) & New Horizons (GAP Housing) in Pelican Park. A total of 3 200 houses will be built for different income groups on the 80 ha site. The project will help the province make a dent in its housing waiting list, which Western Cape Premier Helen Zille said was 500 000-strong.

Zimbabwe: New scheme to benefit home seekers
Home-seekers are set to get relief following a partnership between the Zimbabwe Amalgamated Housing Association and the ZABG Bank to provide low-income residential stands.

Innovative funding model allows urban poor to determine their own future
The first global fund to give poor people direct control over urban development spending is having more than just a local impact.

Urbanisation of Africa is inevitable, and good
To outsiders, the problems raised by increased urbanisation in Africa seem insurmountable, but the new Director for UN Habitat in Brussels, Jean- Christophe Adrian disagrees, saying building sustainable cities after many decades of poor or non-existent planning can be done.

Kenya's slum dwellers versus the elite
Sick of their living conditions, Nairobi's poorest are suing their plutocrat landlords for the right to their land.