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Past events

2006 Urban Land Seminar - Papers


  • Making urban land markets work for the poor in the context of existing local land access and transfer institutions
    Author: Lauren Royston - Paper [160KB] | Presentation [49KB]. Respondent: Warren Smit - Presentation [22KB]
  • Attacking urban poverty with housing: toward more effective land markets
    Author: Catherine Cross - Paper [199KB] | Presentation [138KB]. Respondent: Maurice Makhathini - Notes [24KB]
  • Conceptualising 'the economy' to make urban land markets work for the poor
    Author: Colin Marx - Paper [231KB]. Respondent: Sophie Oldfield - Notes [20KB]
  • Regulatory systems and making urban land markets work for the poor in South Africa
    Authors: Michael Kihato and Stephen Berrisford - Paper [261KB] | Presentation [56KB]. Respondent: Rogier van den Brink - Presentation [29KB]
  • Capturing unearned value/ leakages to assist markets to work for the poor
    Author: Mercy Brown-Luthango - Paper [184KB] | Presentation [324KB]. Respondent: Nigel Tapela - Notes [52KB]
  • Land use differentiation, class differentiation and the urban land market - international and SA frameworks in MMW4P perspective
    Author: Jeff McCarthy - Paper [942KB] | Presentation [808KB]. Respondent: Kecia Rust - Presentation [99KB]
  • Opening up spaces for the poor in the urban form: trends, challenges and their implications for access to urban land
    Authors: Karina Landman and Nana Ntombela - Paper [259KB] | Presentation [827KB]. Respondent: Alison Todes - Presentation [14KB]
  • Thoughts on developing a South African advocacy position on urban land
    Author: Sarah Charlton - Paper [316KB] | Presentation [30KB].
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